I have been a photographer my entire life and a film maker most of my adult life with art being a constant that I have always dipped in and out of. I find the ocean and the mountains and all the life that exists in these environments absolutely amazing and an inspiring place to carry out my work.

I have always loved art and the variety and diversity of incredible ideas people have. Until recently I simply could not find the time for it in between shooting photographs and film. However on a trip to Sri Lanka in 2014 with my close friend Rowena Samarasinhe, I was introduced to her mother Celine who is an amazing and inspiring woman. Celine ran a small charity in Sri Lanka looking after the sick, elderly and poor and had 5 towns or projects in which she devoted much of her time. I visited some of the villages and slums of the most unfortunate in Sri Lanka with Celine. I was so impressed with her kind nature and dedication with the people that I really felt a deep need to do something to help.

Her daughter Rowena and I quickly got excited about the idea of doing a charity fundraiser in our affluent town of Verbier in the Swiss Alps. Originally we discussed doing an auction of the images I had taken of the people and the elephants of Sri Lanka. However I was never happy with the idea as I had seen this sort of thing over and over. I wanted to do something a little different.

I had perviously had so many artistic ideas that I never had time to do and this was the perfect opportunity. I took the photographs I had taken and started to transform them into graphic art. The results were colourful and unique and I fell in love with them.

The artwork proved to be so popular that I created an Alpine series following the fundraiser. These again were popular, so from there I started to experiment with different finishes, even waterproof art! Then the clothing came next. It just so happened that my close friend Nick Wilkins (who’s dad Rod Wilkins had been a loyal friend and great mentor to me in business) had started his own garment printing company. With him I was able to freely experiment with fabrics and various garments and he advised me at every step of the way.

Now I intend to find good causes and charities in which to donate a to from the sales of the art. For the future of Eternal Jellyfish I would like to give artists in less affluent countries the chance to create art and be able to earn online through exhibiting their work on EJ. It was charity that gave me the inspiration I needed in the first place!

Thanks to my mum and dad for inspiring the knowledge and love of the world around me and all the creatures within it. Their support and believe in me has given me the freedom and safety to experiment and take risk. Thank you also Charlie Stone for your immense support.

I hope you enjoy the designs!


Melody xx